Dagupan Bangus Festival, Dagupan City, Philippines

About Dagupan Bangus Festival

Filipinos love festivals. Every city or province offers a distinctly rich history which is manifested into loud and cheerful barangay fiestas and other religious activities. Because of Dagupan’s thriving bangus (milkfish) industry, the city has been dubbed as the Bangus Capital of the World. Though it was only established in the year 2002, it quickly gained its popularity through the local Tourism Government’s effort to capitalize their bangus products locally and internationally. More than a decade later, their well-loved bangus delicacies became popular among travelers and food lovers who are constantly on the lookout for local dishes to try out. The Bangus Festival is celebrated on a large scale and every year, proud Dagupenos welcome the influx of tourists as a way of supporting the city’s fishing industry, which is also their main source of livelihood. This year, the festival is expected to bring approximately 800,000 tourists to witness Dagupan’s extraordinary street party and a monthlong lineup of food strips. Below are some of the major activities during the festival.

Gilon Gilon Ed Baley

The Bangus Festival will commence on the 8th day of April with a lively and cheerful street dancing competition from Burgos Street all the way to the city plaza. Participants will be given the chance to exhibit their creativity and sense of cultural pride based on how they interpret the gilon gilon dance (harvesting fish) in their intricately made costumes. 31 Barangays are expected to compete to give the crowd a glimpse of what to expect in the coming days of the festival.


Festivals of the North

This event is one of the highlights of the annual Bangus Festival because it encourages participants outside of Dagupan to take part and contribute to this year’s grand festivities. At least 10 group participants from Luzon have submitted their entries for this year’s dance competition, and participants from each of their own provinces will perform their own creative interpretation of the festivals. This will serve as a platform to collectively introduce local talents and the whole Filipino culture in general.


“Bangusine” Bangus International Cuisine Showcase

Bangusine is a cooking competition aimed at promoting a wide classification of internationally acclaimed bangus dishes. Chefs, culinary students, restaurant owners and food enthusiasts from all over the world are invited to be part of this gastronomic experience. Following the success of the event, the government plans to ritualize this idea to further assist the growing demand for culinary bangus dishes that can cater to everyone’s palate and preference.

Bangus Rodeo

Bangus Rodeo is made up of an organized set of competitions which are conducted by the locals. The Bangus Rodeo consists of bangus eating competition, followed by the longest and heaviest bangus category for an added fun and excitement. There will also be a search for the fastest deboner and classifier of bangus. Judges will be assigned to each category and winners will receive trophies and cash prizes.


UP North Music Festival

Famous bands and DJs from the local music scene will liven up the stage and energize the crowd starting from five in the afternoon until three in the morning. Music festivals are becoming quite popular in the Philippines which is a great opportunity to show the tourists how diversified the city has gotten over the years.


Bangusan Street Party

The perfect way to end the festival in Dagupan is by having a large cookout around the city’s main streets. The Bangusan Street Party culminates the last day of the festivities wherein thousands of food lovers line up with their grills to cook and taste Dagupan’s freshest bangus. Needless to say, this event is considered as one of the country’s most flavorful phenomenon. A 15-minute fireworks display called Splash in the Sky would illuminate the skies at the height of the event which will officially mark the end of the festivities.

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Festival Schema

Starts: 04/16/2016
Ends: 05/04/2016

Dagupan Bangus Festival Dates

  • Dagupan Bangus Festival 2016: Apr.16-May 04

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