England Music Festival : Wychwood Music Festival,Cheltenham racecourse, Gloucestershire

About Wychwood Music Festival

The Wychwood Music Festival is now going on its 12th year(2016) and prides itself on bringing the whole family together in one joyous occasion. Since the year 2005, the festival has organized workshops, concerts and other exciting events that the whole family can participate in. During the event, visitors and tourists are welcomed to set up their tents as they check out food stalls and colorful booths around the area. for three days, numerous amount of presentations that relate to music, literature, film and comedy will be opened for the visitors. The event has become a venue for like-minded festival-goers where they can share their taste in music and witness iconic acts every year. For the year 2016, the Waterboys will be performing during the opening night along with other headliners like the 10cc and Bill Bailey on the Main Stage (Saturday and Sunday) . Music fans can jam to their favorite songs from an impressive lineup of rock bands and other artists from the UK namely The Selecter, The Correspondents, Peter Hook and The Light, Idlewild, The Jam and The Keston Cobblers Club. All of these bands along with some of the much-anticipated local acts have been announced to perform at differ ent stages surrounding the C heltenham R acecourse. Overall, Wychwood Music Festival is a memorable bonding experience for everybody. Below are some of the highlights during the festival….read more at Top 10 Festivals in England


Kids Literature

Reading is a great exercise for encouraging the younger generation to explore their creativity while having fun. The event will be filled with an impressive list of educational activities to keep the kids busy during the festival. Book reading sessions are hosted by the authors themselves, which will include new and exciting reads such as The Shadow Keeper (Abi Elphinstone), Electrigirl (Jo Cotterill), Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face and the Great Big Story N ickers (John Dougherty) and Feathers and Fang (Ali Sparkes). Also included in the event are appearances from illustrators and a Roald Dahl Themed Party.


Artists and Makers

The festival commends the talent and vision of the artists, and this activity is dedicated to praising their accomplishments. During the event, a series of workshops and visual presentations are scheduled to take place in order to highlight their works and to help out their fellow artists as well. Everyone is welcome to come to the event, including art enthusiasts and even kids.


Spoken Word

Organized by the Cheltenham Poetry Festival, experienced poets will perform their chosen Spoken Word piece in an interactive environment. Aside from the Spoken Word presentations, they will also share some tips in doing monologue as well as ideas on how to write and execute your own poem . Some of the performers are Jim Higo , Chris Hemingway and Miserable Malcolm.



Festival Comedy

Everyone needs a good laugh, and the festival is jam-packed with popular comedic personalities such as Bill Bailey, Gary Delaney, Tiernan Douieb and many more. This event is not just for adults but for children as well. One of the highly anticipated performances is Justin Fletcher, who will perform and entertain the kids at the Main Stage during the second day of the festival.Â


Headphone Disco

Over the years, Headphone Disco has captured the attention of the festival-goers and tourists because it gives them a whole new experience when it comes to partying and music appreciation in general. While using wireless headphones, the crowd can choose the genre that they want to listen to based on the two separate channels that the DJs are playing. The event will be held at the Big Top starting from Friday up until the last day of the festival (11pm up to 3am).



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Festival Schema

Starts: 06/03/2016
Ends: 06/05/2016

Wychwood Music Festival Dates

  • Wychwood Music Festival 2016: June 03-05
  • Wychwood Music Festival 2015: May 29-31

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