Saga International Balloon Fiesta in Japan

About Saga International Balloon Fiesta in Japan

Saga International Balloon Fiesta(佐賀インターナショナルバルーンフェスタ ), abbreviated as SIFB, is the largest hot air ballon festival in Asia. Saga International Balloon Fiesta is annually held from late October to early November in Saga City, Japan.

Saga city has been holding hot air ballon festival since 1980. In 1989 and 1997, We have already hold World Hot Air Balloon Championship. In 2016, World Championship is coming again with the theme – Emotion and Simles. There are 38 different countries and more than 100 balloons will participate this competition to win the championship. The feast will attract nearly one million visitors.

The fiesta started in 1978 in Amagi City, Fukuoka Prefecture, as a smaller ballooning event, the Balloon Fiesta in Kyushu. In 1980 the Fiesta was moved to the outskirts of Saga City, where there is more room. In 1984 it became an international competition and was given its present name; in the same year the first Japanese National Hot Air Balloon Championship was held, and balloonists from all over Japan came to the grounds. Since 1984 there have been approximately 640 balloons from overseas participants (

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Festival Date & Calendar

Starts: 10/30/2015
Ends: 11/03/2015

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