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Onion Market was also known as Zibelemärit. In Switzerland, Bern Onion Market is a well-known traditional folk festival and hold annually on the fourth Monday in November.


Zibelemärit in Bern (BE) – Switzerland Tourism

Fourth Monday in November On the fourth Monday in November, the upper part of the old city of Bern between the railway station and the Bundesplatz, the square facing the Parliament buildings, is transformed into a giant marketplace. At hundreds of stalls, farmers from roundabout, especially from the lake region of the canton of Fribourg, sell their plaited strings of onions (over 100 tons worth), along with other winter vegetables, drupes, and nuts.

Source: Zibelemärit in Bern (BE) – Switzerland Tourism


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Historical research indicates that the Zibelemärit originated in the 1850s with marmettes, farmer’s wives from around Murten, coming to Bern at around St. Martin’s Day to sell their produce; however, a persistent local legend holds that the Zibelemärit is a much older festivity. According to this legend, the Bernese awarded the people from the nearby city of Fribourg the right to sell onions in the city in reward for their aid after a fire destroyed much of Bern in 1405.

Source: Zibelemärit – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Festival Date & Calendar

Starts: 11/23/2015
Ends: 11/23/2015


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