Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival,China

About Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival,China

Despite having started only 10 years, this festival has grown to become one of the most recognized world snow and ice events today. It boasts of a great display of ice and snow art work and attracts spectators and artists from all corners of the earth. Generally, the city which hosts the event is bitterly cold. But, Harbin is usually perfect for such an event. This explains why it is currently one of the major crowd pullers of the snow and ice fraternity. You can be sure to have a great and exhilarating experience if you found time to attend the festival. There is just so much to watch and so much to experience. The festival lasts for a period close to three months. Brace yourself for enough fun and intrigue from the onset of the festival to its close. The following activities constitute the festival.

  • The ice lantern show: the great lantern show is worth a try. It is quite thrilling and boasts of some of the great scenes that most spectators love to see. The site is just phenomenal and almost unmatched.

  • Ice and snow sculpture competition: the competition is really intense as some of the world’s best craftsmen get to compete against each other in one of the world’s fiercest competitions. The final artwork is just amazing to see. You can get to view amazing sculptures such as Star Wars, the Great War of China, Greek Mythology and some sculptures of temples. The list is endless and so is the excitement. There are sculptures which can only be viewed during the day only and those which can be viewed during the day and night. The fun and intrigue never comes to an end

  • Alpine skiing: skiing that is meant for those who love to take the skiing challenge. There is just nothing like this. You should be prepared for the roughness of the course and the intense competition thereof.

  • Ice hotel relax: after a long day of skiing and viewing sculptures, you can relax at one of the ice hotels. The experience and the feeling are just out of this world.

  • Winter swimming game: despite the cold, contenders of the swimming ball game get to brave the cold and compete in front of a huge crowd of spectators. It is just amazing to watch two teas battling each other out in water under extreme cold temperatures.

  • Ice and snow fireworks display: the site is just breathtaking. It is as if Christmas or the New Year’s Eve has come too early. Get a chance to enjoy some of the sky scenes of firework display. The skies become lit with a variety of colored fireworks sparkling in the skies and transforming the atmosphere into a haven of beauty. It is nothing like what you have seen before

  • Siberian tiger watching: enjoy viewing the Siberian tiger and experience the adrenaline rush. It is a mixture of both intrigue and suspense as the tiger gives a few glances that may just send shivers down your spine.

  • The Zhaolin Park sculptures: this is a collection of sculptures that are meant for the children. They are smaller in size and usually constitute much simpler features compared to the large statues. But, they are a great marvel to watch as they boast of remarkable artistic work


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  • Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival 2016: Jan.05-Mar.10(depends on weather)


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