Rencontres Trans Musicales, Rennes, France.

About Rencontres Trans Musicales, Rennes, France.

Les Rencontres Trans Musicales is the leading outdoor music festival in Europe. The music festival first began in 1979. It is held annually in December in Rennes, France.


History of Rencontres Trans Musicales

Les Rencontres Trans Musicales, often called TRANS, was created in 1979 [2] by Béatrice Macé, Jean-Louis Brossard, Hervé Bordier (until 1996), Jean-René (until 1989), and other music students. The association was initially in debt, which led to programming a benefit concert. The first concert took place in la salle de la Cité in June. Twelve bands performed on two nights to an audience of approximately 1800 people. The second concert was in December 2013. Jean-Louis Brossard is the artistic director and San

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About | Rencontres Trans Musicales

The Trans Musical Association (ATM) organizes the Rencontres Trans Musicales of Rennes. ATM is also managing UBU, which is a venue in the centre of Rennes. The association is proposing many artistic and cultural projects all along the year in various places.It has developed the “Jeu de l’Ouïe” project (an artistic education program) as well as Memoires de Trans (a class about the history and the archives of the festival).ATM has been involved in sustainable development and fair trade for ten years and became the first French cultural organization to be certified by ISO 20121 international norms in 2013. This is about a conscious managing of events.This certification is about every activities or projects of ATM and approves not only the efforts we’ve been doing to promote sustainable development but also the way we behave daily.

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Festival Date & Calendar

Starts: 12/02/2015
Ends: 12/06/2015


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