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Meredith Music Festival, abbreviated as MMF, is a outdoor music festival in Meredith. Meredith is a small town in Victoria, Australia. The festival was first held in 1991 and take place in December. The 25th annual Meredith Music Festival is from 11 to 13 December.


2015’s Republic of Meredith has been Created for wide exploration, deep discovery and pure enjoyment. Yes, towering peaks are visible from afar but Further Down are so many exotic pleasures and sub-terrainean treasures. The long-standing One Music Source policy on The One And Only Stage means you don’t have to move until You Can’t Help It; several lifetimes are spent piecing the most weird and wonderful Three-day, Two-night, 4D SHOW together so great unifying moments can occur from Nowhere, as everyone’s on the same page, tuned in or dropped out to the same high-frequency / lo-fidelity. New heroes crop up all times of Day or Night, some expected, Most Unexpected. Magic O’Clock strikes anytime.

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Leading the last charge of acts to be added to this year’s bill is acclaimed songstress Jess Ribeiro, still championing her excellent recent full-length Kill It Yourself, along with Melburnian outfit Drug Sweat (who will close out the festival) and sets from Silence Wedge, The Town Bikes and The Ballarat Brass Band, with Master Song making a return appearance to host his Sunday-morning Tai Chi Masterclass and DJ whizzes Ollee Palmer, Joey Lightbulb, DJ People, DJ Fee B2, Man Child and Art Wilson all providing the weekend’s ‘interstitial soundtrack’.

Source: Meredith Music Festival Unveils Final Line-up & Playing Times ♫ | Australia’s Premier Music News & Reviews Website

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Festival Date & Calendar

Starts: 12/11/2015
Ends: 12/13/2015


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