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70,000 Tons of Metal is a unique cruise ship experience geared towards heavy metal music fans.  It’s the largest heavy metal cruise of its type in the world, featuring 60 bands over 4 days.  Purchasing one of the 3000 tickets to this event will provide you with unlimited access to all live shows on the cruise and access to a host of other events.  Perhaps the coolest aspect of the event is that being on the cruise provides you with an experience similar to being backstage at a show.  You’ll get to mingle with all your favorite artists in a unique, fan-friendly atmosphere that is simply unparalleled anywhere else in the world.  The cruise departs from Fort Lauderdale, FL , lands in Falmouth, finally returns to Fort Lauderdale.

If you’re a huge fan of heavy metal this event is an absolute must. Where else can you go to hang out with 3000 like-minded people and be fully immersed in the culture of heavy metal?  See below for some activities that make up the cruise.

Falmouth, Jamaica

On day 3 your ship will land in the beautiful Falmouth, Jamaica, where you can opt to leave the ship and explore, or stay on board and enjoy the beautiful view.  From the Good Hope Great House tour to dune buggy safaris to the spectacular Dunn’s river falls, there are tons of excursions available for you to participate in once you arrive. Some of which are even guided by the artists themselves!  And if all that seems like too much, you can always just vegetate on the lovely beaches of Falmouth and enjoy an authentic Jamaican meal while you rest up for another night of great music.


Super Metal Sunday

This day holds the infamous belly flop contest, which is judged by a panel of artists, and bound to make a real splash on deck!  Other events include artist signing sessions and musical workshops and clinics to hone your own skills.  And of course, nonstop live shows to fuel your love of metal.  At the end of the day you might find yourself singing until sunrise at 70000 Tons of Karaoke.  It’s the final sing along for the trip and a grand celebration of all the good times you’ve shared. You won’t want to miss it!

General Perks and Amenities

The ship you’ll be cruising on is the luxurious Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas. There’s always something to do on board. The bars will never close for the duration of the trip, so you can always quench your thirst with your favorite alcoholic beverages. The Pool Deck Stage is the world’s biggest open air stage structure on board a cruise ship, so you can rock out while you enjoy the views of the ocean.  The ship also includes a number of hot-tubs (a couple of which are located in the pool-deck stage), a casino, a fitness center with a full sized boxing ring, as well as the constant ability to meet your favorite artists and simply hang out on the ocean.


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