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Nice Carnival is one of the most anticipated carnivals in the world. It is annually celebrated for two weeks on the streets of Nice on the French Riviera every February. The carnival has stayed fresh and creative by changing the theme every year as well as providing an organized schedule of events for each of the dates, which the tourists are excitedly looking out for. Since it has become one of the grandest carnivals in the world, up to a million carnival enthusiasts and curious tourists gather around each year to witness and take part during this major event. The highlights of the carnival include showcasing a myriad of colorful and intricately designed floats parading around the city streets, along with an impressive lineup of entertainers from all over the globe. Everyone is guaranteed to be in high spirits just as colorful masks and costumes are exuberantly worn, not to mention the abundance of foods that are being laid out throughout the span of the event. This year, it will be held on February 13-28 with the theme called “King of Media.”

To give you a glimpse of what will happen during this 2-week long carnival, listed below are the activities that comprises this grand celebration:

Carnival Parades

A total of eighteen floats and massive animated figures (often with big heads) in the form of papier mache art will parade around the streets of Nice accompanied by local theatre groups and performers which would be singing and dancing their way across the parade. In order to meet everyone’s expectations, this event has been given serious thought by the organizers. In fact, preparations would be made months before the actual event to avoid potential problems along the way. The activities during the carnival would culminate the extent of their hard work and effort and truly enough, the number of visitors has reached to approximately a million every year, which ensures the success of the carnival’s planning process.

Flower Parades

The colorful parade will take place at the Promenade des Anglais as the participants adorn their floats with freshly picked and aesthetically attractive flowers as a way of showing off the city’s wide classification of flowers that are available locally. The floats are known to be over-the-top, but the floral decorations would be solely based on the yearly theme. Up to this day, the flower parade has remained consistently impressive in terms of welcoming travelers and visitors. This lavish tradition plus the tossing of exquisite flowers during the parade has proven to be a big hit among tourists and locals.

Parade of Lights

The parade is a lovely sight to look at during the day, but the fun doesn’t stop there. As a continuation to the festivities, the whole venue would become livelier as they begin to light up the floats all at once during the night at The Place Massena. Cheerful atmosphere would fill the air, and crowd pleasers such as live bands and other forms of entertainment would be provided for the spectators to enjoy. Some locations usually have entrance fees and seating reservations to keep the area well-regulated, although children below 6 years old are free of charge.

Vira La Roda

This is a lunchtime feast and charity event organized by some of the well-known local chefs in Nice. It is a one-of-a-kind food tasting function in which a variety of gourmet recipes are served to the tourists while they are onboard the big wheel, where they can watch other events unfold at a different angle. This also gives everyone the opportunity to discover the city and its spectacular view while enjoying the appetizers and other gourmet dishes meticulously prepared just for this particular occasion, all for a good cause.

Burning of the King

As a large group of people gather around Place Massena, the burning of the king in the sea is usually done to formally end the carnival. A fireworks display would then commence and after that, the festivities would be deemed over. For families, tour groups or even solo travelers who would love to experience the fun and excitement of what a Mardi Gras or modern-day carnival feels like, Nice Carnival is the perfect event to go to.


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Starts: 02/13/2016
Ends: 02/28/2016

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  • Nice Carnival 2016: Feb.13-28

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