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The Singapore Heritage Fest is an annual celebration of Singapore’s multicultural diversity which is created and hosted by the National Heritage Board. The festival acknowledges the fusion of different cultures and aims to recognize local talents in showcasing their abilities with the public. In today’s technologically-driven lifestyle, the government understands the need for the Singaporeans to be well-informed about the background of each festival and other cultural activities that are being celebrated in the country. Up to this day, Singapore is considered as one of the most economically successful countries in Asia, which is why thousands of tourists are interested in visiting their famous heritage sites, art exhibits, museums and trails that are highlighted during the Heritage Fest every year. In coordination with some of the government organizations and other private sectors, the National Heritage Board is also in-charge of hosting dynamic forms of entertainment which includes the local presentation of performing arts, live music and a series of theater-related shows that are imprinted in Singapore’s history and culture to capture the attention of the tourists in a creative manner. Written below are some of the places and activities to check out during the Singapore Heritage Fest….read more at Top 10 Festivals in Singapore

National Museum of Singapore

The National Museum of Singapore is the main hub for most of the cultural programs in Singapore which also happens to be the oldest museum in the country. It is known as an avenue for helping out the youth and other aspiring artists to hone their craft by conducting workshops, plays and exhibitions throughout the year. Last year, an internationally acclaimed speaker was invited to discuss the history of Teochew Metal Rod Puppetry to inspire the up-and-coming performers during the Heritage Fest. For the people who are interested in having a more intimate and detailed discussion regarding Singapore’s history and culture, the museum is more than willing to provide a guided tour, courtesy of the volunteer tour guides from different organizations.


Armenian Church

Because of the presence of Armenian race all over Singapore, a tribute has been given to acknowledge their significance to the Singaporean culture. For the Heritage Fest, they have conducted a guided tour which is open to everyone to check out. Being considered as the Oldest Christian Church in Singapore, the Armenian Church is a very valuable piece of architectural and religious structure for the Armenian community.


Balestier Food and Heritage Trail

Balestier in Singapore is somewhat synonymous with the word “food,” since it is the go-to place for affordable yet tasty local cuisine. Organized by the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, this activity allows the tourists to absorb Singapore’s culture while discovering its famed landmarks and other historical structures. As they wander around the area, they can stop by some of Balestier’s well-known food spots in their exciting search for Singapore’s must-try dishes.


Buddha Tooth Relic Guided Tour

Since its opening back in 2007, The Buddha Tooth Relic and Temple Museum have received positive feedback regarding its effort in spreading the knowledge about Buddhism in the country. The tourists can have a volunteer tour guide to tackle about the presence of Chinese culture and how it has greatly influenced much of the country’s way of life.


Bukit Pasoh Heritage Trail

The Bukit Pasoh Heritage Trail in Chinatown is another way of experiencing the diversity that Singapore has to offer. From Maxwell Road down to the New Bridge Road, tour participants can revisit the different architectural designs of some of Singapore’s oldest buildings that are now mixed with modern restaurants and other establishments in the area.

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Starts: 04/29/2016
Ends: 05/15/2016

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  • Singapore Heritage Fes 2016: Apr.29-May 15

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